Well, I took a nice long break from the blog this time. Since…February? Ay. I’m sure you all got on fine without me, but I’m happy to be back! I’ve missed writing and I think life has finally settled down to where I can blog with any sort of regularity again. So yay! A quick recap of what’s changed since my last post:

1. I got a job! That’s right, I’m a real adult now with a real job. I work in marketing at LogiXML, a software startup outside DC.

2. We moved! We’re now living in a beautiful 2-bedroom condo in Old Town, and we like it a lot. Lots more space for the dog…and our new roommate! Downing moved down from New York and is staying with us until he finds a job here. It’s actually been a lot of fun having him, so hopefully he doesn’t find anything too soon. 😉

3. We found out that Goliath has epilepsy, which apparently is pretty common in dogs and not life-threatening at all. He’s had three seizures so far, each about 2 weeks apart, and while it was scary at first, I think we’re getting used to it and it’ll just be something we live with from now on.

4. We went on our first family vacation! (I know, gag) In August we packed up and drove to Philly to meet up with Mom, Todd, Michael, and Wrigley, and then we all drove out to Grandma and Poppa’s lakehouse in southwestern Michigan. It was a lot of fun—very relaxing—and Goliath had a blast swimming in the lake. Hope to be back soon.

I think those are the big things. I’m sure other things will come out over the next few posts. I have LOTS of images saved and fun home projects of my own and 1000+ unread messages in my Google Reader (yep, I took a break from that too), so I’m sure I’ll be very busy catching up over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


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