I am on the hunt for a new duvet cover. We’ve been using my awesome lime and white quilt from The Company Store, but after Goliath, well, being Goliath, it is about on its last legs. I’m hoping to find something that isn’t so white…even though I love the look, it’s just too easy to get it dirty, and then I am annoyed until I wash it (a big production, as the quilt doesn’t fit in our stackable washer/dryer, and thus necessitates a trip to the laundromat, or to Mom’s). I got an email from West Elm the other day and fell in LOVE with one of the duvets below, and after browsing the rest of their selection online…now I can’t decide! Help me choose!

My initial favorite was the cherry blossoms (#1) but now I’m kind of leaning towards the bright orange! Which do you like best?