Time for a little update! Drew and I recently got back from our trip to the Bahamas and I’ve been meaning to blog about it but it’s taken a little while 🙂 All in all we had a great time.

It’s funny…we’ve been together for five years and it was our first big trip together, just the two of us. It was really nice, definitely needed. The day-to-day stuff, at least for me, can get really draining after a while, and it honestly took me a day or two to just RELAX!

But after that it was great, goofing around and acting like a kid, unabashedly falling into the mode of lovestruck teenagers as we wandered around our fancy resort.

It was nice waking up in the morning to just giggle and tumble around in the sheets, browse real estate online and plan where we might be in a year or two, dress up like it’s our first date and walk everywhere with our arms wrapped around each other, converse with slightly tipsy strangers about how awesome it is the number of times you can have sex on vacation compared to at home… It was everything I hoped it would be and more–fun, romantic, and now I can’t wait to plan our next trip!

I’ll be honest, some of the “magic” definitely started to fade after the first two years of us dating, and sometimes you wonder if you can get it back, even just for a second, when you’re having the same old conversation about what’s for dinner, or waking up before dawn to take out the dog, or looking at the clock at work and realizing you’re going to be home late again. I guess if it’s the right person you can, and that was the best part of our vacation (although the weather, the beaches, and the Bahamian people were so nice as well!).

We’d already made it part of our plan to take a trip around our birthdays (late Aug/early Sept) as gifts to each other, and I think we’re even more committed now to taking a trip just the two of us at least once a year.

I never really understood when people would say it was an investment in your relationship, but I totally get it now. So even though vacation is freaking expensive (honestly I don’t think we had a meal under $40! When we got back to DC we immediately went to Chipotle and sighed a breath of relief that we were back under $20), it’s so so worth it to relax and enjoy each other. Who knows where we’ll go next–maybe California this summer, and we’re thinking Portland/Seattle in the fall. Woo!


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