Well, I officially hate our living room rug. I don’t know when it happened, but now I hate it. I bought it cheap on Overstock.com last year when we moved into our current place. Our last apartment had carpeting so we didn’t need a rug, but our current place has mostly wood floors. I left the dining room bare but got a Kilim style rug in blue for the living room. And while it did the job of inserting some color into the room, it’s not comfy (very low pile) and shows tons of dog hair. Also the style is just not…whimsical enough…it’s kind of Southwestern-looking.

So cue to me last night at 11pm, frantically searching for more contemporary, higher pile alternatives online. I was watching My Favorite Place on the DVR, the one where Jonathan Adler and his husband show their (10-room!) Manhattan apartment. I loved when Simon (JA’s hubby) goes, “Well, no one really uses their living room, and we thought, instead of furnishing a room that we don’t really use why not turn it into a ping pong room?” And then, “And who wants a normal, boring ping pong table? Wouldn’t you rather have a giant sexy, goth, magenta one instead?” It is literally covered in a magenta and black damask fabric. They have lots of other games in the room too, plus a giant (think the size of a gamer chair) black rubber foot, just chillin in the corner. Uhhh, what!

So anyway that’s a long aside to say I was really feeling the JA vibe when I start searching for pillows, which turned into rug shopping, and all of a sudden I’m designing a new living room. Briefly considered some bold brown and cream rug options, but then with the more transitional furniture it just wasn’t capturing FUN! So I ended up with this (click to see all the items I used):

What do you think? I’m still not loving the gray background color of the rug…would prefer something in the brown family…but I think we’re getting there! Also, I just posted a listing on Craigslist last night to commission a pop art-style portrait of Goliath to hang over the fireplace. How badass is that! I’m thinking something in bright orange.

Also dreaming of being Gloria’s sidekick baker and baking bread all day. Have come up with some pretty good ideas to grow the customer base (Glo I have written them down! Let’s discuss on wine night!). Hmm. Drew thinks maybe I should go into wedding planning because it is happy and works with people but still detail-oriented. Go figure–the one activity that I don’t obsess about becoming my career (I feel like every girl fantasizes about being a wedding planner while she’s planning her own, but that doesn’t mean she’d be good at it) Drew thinks is a legitimate prospect. *Sigh*

p.s. Very upset that I missed the Missoni for Target stuff yesterday. I literally had the day marked in my calendar and got up at 5am to look at everything on the website. I had it narrowed down to a rainbow zigzag pillow and a coordinating light blue one (similar to the one I used above) and a fun throw, and figured I’d give myself a couple hours to think about it, but by 11am Target.com had crashed and everything appeared to be sold out online. Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday so swung by the Target store and all of the Missoni racks were completely empty!!! Only a couple of sad-looking green corduroy jackets left. So distraught. TONS of Ebay vultures selling $15 pillows for like $150. Umm, no, sorry. Maybe the stores will restock? I dunno but I couldn’t believe the madness. If you see the rainbow and light blue pillows, PLEASE BUY THEM FOR ME! I will pay you back and bake you a nice loaf of bread. 🙂