It’s been a while since I updated the blog. Sorry. My Christmas was great – went for a quick but very satisfying trip out to Michigan to spend time with my family, then collapsed back at my apartment and didn’t leave the couch for two days during a SATC marathon over New Year’s (which was also quite satisfying, in its own way). Drew was still in Cleveland for New Year’s so I had the house to myself and after cleaning out the refrigerator, giving away a huge bag of clothes to Goodwill, reorganizing all of our linens/closets, and other random household chores, I was happy as a clam to do nothing for a bit.

Since then we’ve been doing a bit of honeymoon planning – we’re going to Japan and I cannot wait! I realized yesterday that we go to Japan in less than 6 months and I am so excited, that is crazy. I’ve put ~14 books about Japan on my Amazon wishlist and I’m sure that I will be adding more. I think a trip to the bookstore is in our weekend plans (well, at least in my plans – Drew will probably head next door to the Best Buy while I browse). There are some pretty cool books about Japan, though. Aside from my favorite Top 10 city guides, I liked the looks of these:

A Geek in Japan: a guide to Otaku (fanboy) culture a la anime, manga, tea ceremonies, craziness, etc.

Food Sake Tokyo: a guide to the best foods in Tokyo, where to get the best soba noodles, etc.

Old Kyoto: an insider’s guide to little local shops, restaurants, and parks to soak up the historical feel of Kyoto

Japanese Tales: a collection of Japanese fairy tales and myths translated into English…I love the idea of reading the stories that the Japanese read as children to understand more about their culture

I’m also interested in a guide book for all of Japan, and so far in my search, Gateway to Japan and The Rough Guide to Japan seem to be the favorites. I’ll have to have a browse this weekend and see which one I like best. Drew also has a coworker that knows Japan pretty well, and I heard rumblings about an 8-story stationery store that we’ll clearly need to visit. Plus those vending machines with full meals in them. And maybe a wig shop – I’ve always wanted to see what I look like with pink hair LOL. OH! And apparently there is this place called Disney Sea (not Tokyo Disney but a Disney that only exists in Japan) that we’re thinking about going to. And one thing we’ve definitely decided on is doing a midnight hike to the top of Mount Fuji…seriously so pumped! We’ll get to the top in time to watch the sunrise and send postcards to our friends and family from the top of a mountain. Seriously, how cool is that? And then we’re going to stay in one of the fancy ryokan (traditional inn) nearby with the dinner service and tea and onsen (natural hot spring) baths. It’ll be a little insane since we’re doing the hike our second night there when I’m sure we’ll still be a little loopy from jetlag, but we’ll just plan to be very lazy the next day. And the Gion Festival will be going on while we’re in Kyoto, which is immensely exciting for me as I love crowds and festivals and craziness! So, that’s kinda the most exciting thing on the horizon. 🙂

Other than counting down to Japan, I just plugged our wedding date into an online calculator, and apparently it is 169 days away. Rad!!!

Oh, one of my New Year’s resolutions (which I didn’t post here but I always make them) is to go on more date nights with Drew and rather fortuitously, it’s been DC restaurant week and Alexandria restaurant week back to back. SO we’ve been to two steakhouses (Morton’s and Ruth’s Chris-Drew’s picks-RC was definitely better. I’d been to Morton’s before and this time was not as good as I remember…also RC is pretty significantly cheaper and they have a pretty good 3-course menu at a fixed price all year round so perhaps we’ll be back again before the next restaurant week), and two french restaurants (Vermilion and Bastille-my picks-we haven’t actually been to Bastille yet; our reservation is for tomorrow. Vermilion was pretty good-the dessert was awesome and my wine, Cadena Chardonnay, was also yummy! I liked the butternut squash soup but the sunflower seeds were way too overpowering. I am excited for Bastille tomorrow night; they had my favorite menu out of all of the places we picked, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.) We also have a double date night planned with our friends Gloria and Greg to Rasika, an indian place in Chinatown that I’ve been dying to go to forever! I had to make our reservation like 6 weeks in advance so I hope it lives up to the hype.

And that’s pretty much it…I should probably put away my work stuff and get off the internet so I can actually get ready for work. Hmmm! But it’s Friday, so I guess it’s all good. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


One Response to “Life is pretty cool”

  1. Laura Catherine

    OMG!!! I actively miss Rasika. Did you love it?! It was the last restaurant I ate at in August, literally the day before I left for Texas. SO DELICIOUS. Also, I’ve heard mixed reviews about Bastille.Did you like it? I MISS DC’s FOOD CIRCUIT. xoxoxoxo, laura.


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