Hello. Do you like the new look for my blog? I thought it needed a bit of a facelift. Of course that means all of the hard returns I put in so that my pictures would line up correctly in my other theme are now completely worthless and now I have all these extra spaces between pictures from my earlier posts, which let me tell you are a riot. I was reading one the other day in which I ranted that being 22 was entirely no different than being 26, for like 4 paragraphs. Oh, blogs. A few interesting things of note that I wanted to update on:

1. My dear friend Meghan is painting a portrait of Goliath for over our mantle. I am SO STOKED. She texted me a pic of her progress last night and I am so excited! He is so cute and cuddly. And his colors go great with our rug LOL. Also thinking of re-painting my vintage woman…we had some contractors in the apartment the other week because the water heater above us broke and we had a watermelon-sized leak in our living room ceiling…anyway they came to repair the damage and they must have slammed into my painting because now it is all scuffed and dented. Which I knew would happen because it’s not framed or covered, but anyway I’ve been wanting to re-do it for a while because the size has always bothered me a bit, she looks a bit hunched over, and I’ve wanted to add more yellow to the background instead of gray. So this gives me a chance to do that. Which is a long way of saying fun art projects going on over here! Totes made it in life, talking about art.

2. Meeting with a potential DJ tonight for the wedding…pretty pumped. Hopefully he can stomach my need for a playlist comprised of “Hey Ya” (OutKast), “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” (Mulan soundtrack), “Stronger” (Britney Spears), “Summer Nights” (Rascal Flatts), and random 80s pop songs. And maybe a little Justin Beiber thrown in just to really freak the f out my little brother. Hahaha. Speaking of which, tell me which songs we absolutely have to play! Also if you have ideas for Drew’s and my first dance song please comment! We’ve thrown around the idea of the epic Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me,” because, you know, Drew is obsessed.

3. This weekend is my first dress fitting!!!!!! Cannot even express how exciting this is.

4. Some pretty cool stuff happening on the job front. Will keep you updated.

Alright, now that I’m entirely running late, have a great day everyone 🙂


4 Responses to “Hello from 7am”

  1. glor

    Love the new look! And am excited about all the songs I will be rocking out to at your wedding!

  2. Jess

    Thanks Gloria! And yay for dancing! We both liked the DJ we met yesterday so now we’re in full-fledged planning mode for all our favorite songs. 🙂

  3. Neil

    Dude, we have to have “We are the champions,” “Wild Wild West,” and, most importantly, “Space Jam.” Drew will confirm the dire necessity of the final song.

  4. Jess

    The last two were already on the list, but adding We are the champions – thanks Neil! Also, not sure on the suits yet…Drew and I have to go into the Men’s Wearhouse next weekend to pick them out, so I’ll let you know then.


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