I was taking a nap this afternoon (I’ve had a pretty lowkey 2013 so far since Drew and I are both sick) and was dreaming about a really big wood headboard in a chevron pattern…although “headboard” might be the wrong word because I’m really thinking more of an accent wall. But I’d stain the slats slightly different colors and arrange them in a sort of ombre pattern…different shades of gold and tan and white, with crisp vanilla trim, a big bed and a wrought iron frame and a fluffy white comforter and lots of pillows.

I went to Pinterest for some inspiration.

So adorbs. And how about this sea foam batten board?

I like this color combo…I once watched a show on HGTV and the designer used these gray wash wood beams stacked horizontally on the wall. I love it especially in this room where the ceiling is slanted contrasted with the washed out pastels and cozy blankets.


Cute barn doors with built-in lighting.


Something like this sort of ombre pattern.


And slightly distressed like these outdoor planters.

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So, fun DIY project? Then got sidetracked by other pretty things on the internet. Like this brick archway that acts as a headboard outline. And I love chandeliers in bedrooms.


And these cool art prints by Nancy Ramirez…



And this flower kaleidoscope print…

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And these AMAZING yellow shelves…


And this cute little yellow and white pillow…


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I’ve really missed blogging…so I’m making it a new year’s resolution to blog more in 2013. I was thinking about it the other day…you know how it’s a good thing to say in interviews that you’re intrinsically motivated? Well, for me it’s the opposite. I’m extremely externally motivated. And for a while I’ve felt less than inspired, because I don’t take the time to be. So here’s to making time for the fluffy side of life…looking at interiors and gardens and patterns and pictures, and just dreaming. Oh, and my other two resolutions are to learn Adobe Illustrator (has anyone used the Creative Cloud? I’m thinking about becoming a member there instead of spending like a thousand dollars on the home version) and to finally finish my novel. And I’m resolving to spend at least some time every day doing one of these three things – wahoo! Happy New Year! Hope your 2013 is filled with lots of love, hard-earned accomplishments, and fun!